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Mini Bic Electric 50 + 3 Free Reg Mini Bic

Mini Bic Electric 50 + 3 Free Reg Mini Bic
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Product Description

What's better than a mini Bic Lighter? An Electric mini Bic lighter. You don't have to worry about creating a spark when a simple click does it for you. The 50-pack of mini electric Bic lighters are perfect for customers that aren't familiar with lighters or who have low strength in their hands.

Electric is also easier to light and doesn't require the tell-tale lighter strike. Your customers can't help but love the ease at which the lighter creates a flame. No more constant thumb strikes to create a flame. One click and your customers ready to light your cigarette.

Price is for each lighter, sold by 50
50 Mini Electric lighters plus you get 3 free Mini Strike Lighters (regular mini bic)